Electrical System Design Build in Saskatoon SK

Designing and building electrical systems from the ground up.

More Control, Less Stress

The design-build process allows us the opportunity to offer our expertise and knowledge of the newest and most exciting features you can incorporate into your home or business while in the conceptual stage.

Design-build projects come in many forms. They can range from designing and installing the electrical system for new houses all the way to commercial buildings. There are a lot of reasons to choose Greenline Electric for your design-build project.


We become the point of contact for other vendors, making your life a lot easier.


Our team is second to none when it comes to service. Our top priority is to leave you with a project we can both be proud of.


We’ve been doing this for a long time, leaving a trail of happy customers in our wake.

Commercial Services

Design Build for Businesses in Saskatoon

Using our design build services for your commercial project allows us to design and build electrical systems from the ground up. We can be involved from the conceptual stage through to the actual physical wiring and programming. This means we’ll have the ability to choose products that work in our harsh climate and proactively foresee solutions to problems.

Through the design build process, we work directly with the facility or building owner or project manager. This ensures are more cost-effective final product that fulfills all your needs. Greenline develops a full-service relationship architects, general contractors and construction managers to leave you with the best solution.

Residential Services

Homes designed with care

It’s no surprise that our design build process continues to be the effective method of project delivery. This process allows us to hear our clients needs and the opportunity to discuss solutions that will meet those needs.

Saskatoon homeowners are choosing design build projects to ensure they end up with the best electrical solutions in their homes. From new builds to renovations, character homes to modern architecture, Greenline has the experience and the vision to light up your home.

Design build with Greenline Electric today!

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